And then, the moment finally came ……….

I could hardly believe my eyes ! How could it be real ?? NO ! It couldn’t be real ! Could I trust my eyes ? Well, my left eye, had already had a swelled upper lid, which in common NEPALI is termed AANO, means the swelling that comes when you lie something to someone. I don’t remember lying anything to anyone though. May be, I thought, this time my eyes are lying me !

But, the point is….. WHO CARES ?????????????

When I have the Legendary LEO MESSI and his Co. playing in–front of me, who cares what my eyes tell, and who bothers to invest his attention to distinguish whether its’s a dream or a reality ! For me, it was a dream come true !

It was such a messed up day. Woke up late, as usual, hurried to the First Period of Engineering Drawing …….Professor explained AUXILIARY PROJECTIONS, meanwhile we were projecting Messi all over our mind. It was embarrassing when that Prof, who used to leave us quite early, yesterday was taking extra time . We had to catch bus to Calcutta,and that too was late than schedule . And that’s not over yet, such a heavy jam all the way to Calcutta on NH-2 , we couldn’t believe…..there could be soo long jam on that Express-way ! The match, scheduled to start from 7:30 ant it was already 6 when we reached Calcutta. We had to go to the counters, get our ticket which were already booked online via . And then, we got it ! All those anxiety, troubles, hunger, desperation …counted !!!

It was an un-explainable feeling..the moment we reached into the SALT-LAKE STADIUM . Watching the Argentine and Venezuela teams practicing…a crowd of almost 100 thousands people..almost everyone cheering MESSI……MESSSIIIIIII……. in soo many different languages !

I remember an old man,in his 50’s talking on his cell phone in BENGALI, I couldn’t understand what he said exactly, yet it was not difficult to figure it out, he meant..he was there to see MESSI…. After what we watched, we felt, for almost everyone… MESSI MEANT ARGENTINA ! The crowd would be dead silent so long any other player had the ball on his foot, especially if any Venezuelan player got the ball. But once Messi had it….. believe me,,it was worth being there ! It was like A HOME GROUND FOR ARGENTINA AWAY FROM ARGENTINA ! To be specific, it was like a match on STREET WHERE MESSI IS BORN….WHERE MESSI MEANT FOOTBALL.

Yet, he couldn’t score. My friend Prashanna ( told, Venezuela  is having one less player than Argentina, and when I asked why, replied, two Venezuelan players are with MESSI ! It might be a reason why he couldn’t score. But, to be frank…it was even more entertaining when our group, of 7, were shouting Venezuelaaaaa…VENEZUELAAAAAAAAAAAAA  and everyone who could hear us…would turn back/side to see that strange cheer. Both the teams missed some beautiful possibilities. Yet it was the best match for my life, afterall, it was watching Messi Live in the stadium !

Fun was not limited just inside the stadium. As we were outside drinking “THANDA” ( Cold Drinks) we found 2 NEPALI brothers, who came all the way from OLD BANESHOR , KATHMANDU, NEPAL to watch this match. It was not hard to figure them as Nepali, after seeing a combination of a NEPALI NATIONAL FLAG tied with AGGENTINE flag ! It was an awesum feeling finding them. We greeted, took many shots and  left …taking eachother’s email addresses !

The return journey in train was quite hectic, for INDIAN RAILWAYS has many things to improve. I don’t wanna list them out here. Anyway, the dream come true moment came ! And now, has gone ! Memories and the snaps are what left now ! OHHHHH YEAHH ! Something else is also left…..that’s my left eye lid’s swelling ! Don’t know when will this AANO will be ok, coz, in this world, WE HAVE TO, TIME AND AGAIN, KEEP LYING !


Few moments before the match kicked off !

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