NO MORE BANDA ! बन्द गर्न निषेध छ !

Let’s read an article by THE HIMALAYAN TIMES , first :


Nepali Congress has declared countrywide agitation in protest of the death of Shiva Paudel, Chairman of the Nepal Tarun Dal (NTD) Chitwan who was injured in the attack in the District Jail of Chitwan, recently.An emergency meeting of the NC Central Committee convened at the party president Sushil Koirala’s residence at Maharajgunj this morning also decided to condemn the incident.

The meeting has demanded withdrawal of all cases against Paudel, declare him a martyr, take action against the guilty and provide proper compensation to the family, said NC Central Member, Min Biswokarma.

Paudel, who had been receiving treatment at Bansbari-based Neuro Hospital, breathed his last at around 3:00 am today.

A group of inmates affiliated to CPN-UML’s Youth Association Nepal had attacked Poudel and others in Chitwan District Prison on December 6. He was critically injured in the incident.College of Medical Science Teaching Hospital in Bharatpur had referred Paudel to Kathmandu for further treatment.

The NC cadres have blocked the streets with burning tyres and obstructed transportation affecting hundreds of thousands of people in the Capital and other districts across the country.The cadres are chanting slogan against Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai and demanded his resignation accusing the government of being failed to provide security even in jail.


Now, here are few things I felt after reading this article :

1.  Shiva Paudel was a prisoner , proved guilty by the Court. Had he been Innocent he should have initiated legal procedures to prove them through Appellate Court or the Supreme court ! Mere demand of declaring him innocent by his Party-men and followers can’t establish the fact of his innocence.

2. The attack made by ” A group of inmates affiliated to CPN-UML’s Youth Association Nepal ” depicts the clear picture of ” democratic practice”  followed and taught by CPN UML Nepal. This is , at no condition, tolerable or justifiable . The culprits must be severely punished for their deeds.

3. Even though, Mr. Poudel was attacked and died , this does not make him any deserving for something like ” MARTYR   OF NEPAL “.

4. The most important one, let this be clear to all and every so called ” people’s ” and ” democratic ” parties of  Nepal, this land is not your पेवा  , that you can declare , do what ever you feel like or you want ! Banda is , at no condition, acceptable to Nepalese ! Who ever claims to do Politics for ” People and this Nation “, must learn to get rid of this ” BANDA HABIT ” actually ” BANDA ADDICTION ” to win hearts of Common People !

सबैलाई चेतना भया !

बन्द !

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