Finding Peace in the ” LOUD “

Concentrating, focusing all our attention to the things we want to and avoiding all the distractions that our desultory mind keeps creating while we are trying to do  “something “, is at times very difficult, especially when your’re not having very positive view about the life you’re living, facing uncertain future and confusing present while fighting the regrets of the past. Admittedly, with pressure of deadlines, mounting piles of incomplete works, mediocre performance at things you are supposedly good at, frustration with the self, knowing exactly the everything we gotta do and things we gotta avoid doing an still not being able to “do what we gotta do” etc., they create suffocation and make it harder.

All of us go through such situations every once in a while. While some of us might be strong and intelligent enough to handle them quite comfortably, many of us who are not quite good at doing so might be left in despair. We try various things, from reading self help guides to meditation, taking a break from regular life, meditating, going on a holiday or trying out an adventure. But then, after we come back, get down and restart our work, everything might not have been “magically good” and the “concentration” problem might still be there.

It is a general trend that most of us go for a peaceful environment while trying to focus on the things we want to. This is undoubtedly an excellent method and works fine for many people. However, it may not do any good for a disturbed desultory mind. What I’m talking about is getting peace from the loud. Many of us try slow, soothing, inspirational music and they, as a matter of fact, work pretty well most of the times. But hardly many of us try listening loud and explosive songs while we are disturbed/distracted and can’t focus on our track. Surprisingly, it also works sometimes ! Well, may not work to everyone and all the time, but because it’s been working for me I’m sure it’s gonna work for some people beside me, as well.

I know, no one is going to advice you memorize the GRE Vocabulary listening the SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA or TITANIUM by DAVID GUETTA but I’m doing it myself, right at this very moment. While the loudness of music certainly blows away most of the distractions my mind creates, at the same time I also don’t feel as pressurized and stressed while studying as I would without this music. This is probably because there is false sense of realization that I’m not actually studying but listening the music. Nor do I feel bad that I’m not studying, because, again, the similar false realization works as if I’m actually studying and the music is just a distraction my good mind created to cheat my bad mind making it feel that I’m not studying, but enjoying music !

CAUTION : This method is supposed to be applied only sometimes. I’m afraid our work will not be completed if we try doing it entirely this way.

Good day !


P.S Here is the link for some of the best Electro-Mix available on the YouTube.


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