” That Guy from NEPAL ” huh Bill O’Reilly ?

” I love that guy from Nepal “, then says the Mr. INTELLIGENT after quite a long gaiety and burst of laughter. How come someone who doesn’t even know what CUISINE means attend the convention of intellects at the “land of intellectuals” ? He might have been surprised and shocked !!! The best way to teach these “uncivilized, backward and trivial” people a lesson is by making them “realize their level”, he should have concluded. Who else could be better suited to teach these “third world minions” a lesson, other than the award winning geniuses like BILL O’REILLY ( FOX News) and the other, greatest genius ever in the face of earth, STEPHEN COLBERT ( Comedy Central ).
Bill O’Reilly doesn’t even bother to google SUDARSHAN SUBEDI . “Are you kidding ? How will our hi-tech futuristic google even know what that name means and whether it refers to something related to men or to donkeys!! “, he must have thought. So the intelligent guy and his super intelligent reporter mock the activist working for the rights and equality of disabled and handicapped among the local tribes in Nepal who do not know which bird is meant by the term “English”. Shouldn’t the intelligent guy at such a “reputed media house” which says ” FAIR AND BALANCED ” in its tagline, search a little background before mocking !!! Ironic ! Isn’t it ? So, is it fair to judge a handicapped activist who is the first among the handicapped in his country to have completed undergraduate studies, working life long for rights of other disabled among local tribes who do not even know what English is, based on his ability to talk in English and mock him for not being able to mention “lentil soup” ? Is it balanced to mock a ASOKA CHANGEMAKER awarded person without even trying to find a single additional sentence about him ? Is this the ” American way ” ?

I remember, how the other genius,MR STEPHEN COLBERT, who asks why he can’t be made god like the teen-goddess worshiped in Nepal as KUMARI, mocked Nepal,our culture and our religion few years back. Look at how he behaves and the way he says things about other, it is difficult to believe that the common American people find it funny while mocking other countries, cultures and religion to this extent.
Here’s his first “report” on a Kumari goddess being stripped of her title for visiting the “most holy land on Earth” > http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/183184/july-26-2007/advice-to-the-gods—nepalese-pre-teen-goddesses .
He mocks everything about Nepal, the bi-triangualr flag “is too good to be a rectangle” as if rectangular flag is “the standard” because ” America has rectangular flag and everyone else should also have a similar one”.
The other video after knowing his attitude are not welcome in Nepal, he mocks again > http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/187625/october-09-2008/who-s-not-honoring-me-now—-nepal

Then, MR COLBERT established himself as the most intelligent person in the face of earth after successfully mocking the third world depraved with his “fantastic reports” and now another intelligent BILL O’REILLY is trying to surpass Mr Colbert.

Well, after watching these videos, all I can say is, now I know what ” SMUG” really means. I had recently learned the word but was struggling on how to use it. Admittedly, my English is quite bad, I must say !
Thank you geniuses for helping me learn a word !

P.S. And I thought language is just a medium to communicate ideas and emotions, and that American people are wise to understand/appreciate and respect other nationalities, culture and religion. After all, America has “an image” of the ” global savior of human-right and equality “. God Bless America !


One thought on “” That Guy from NEPAL ” huh Bill O’Reilly ?

  1. I happened on your post when I was looking up on more info about Mr. Shudarson and whether Bill O’Reilly ever apologized for his mockery of a good man. He pretends to be an honest news journalist, but he’s more a propaganda mouthpiece for the American conservative extremism. Stephen Colbert is a comedian on the other hand who plays a character that mocks people like O’Reilly to show how ridiculous their views for laughs. Colbert is as you say suppose to be SMUG. He uses extreme examples of American belief in their greatness to show how stupid and funny that is in its extreme. For instance, in the first video, he says the American flag is better because it’s a rectangle instead of a triangle. Is there really a difference to say one is better because of its shape? That’s why it’s funny and a mockery of Americans who think their flags are the best. In the second video, he feels insulted because Nepal didn’t consider him a god. He’s not mocking your religion, but again making fun of how Americans can feel they’re better than foreigners. It’s a good way to laugh at ourselves, provide insight to how wrong we can sometimes be, and allow us to be humble.

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