The Anti-American Nebule : Why criticism of Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert is NOT ANTI-AMERICAN !


Honestly, I did not expect this surge in web traffic towards my blog after my post criticizing the two intelligent Americans; Bill O’Reilly and Stephen Colbert, as they go on and on disparaging Nepal, Nepali and our culture on their national televisions. Even though both of them were seen with burst of laughter, it was not at all funny to us, and I really doubt, any American who has “traveled” and “seen places and cultures” would find that non-offensive but funny.

But when I read the blog after I posted it, I did feel like may be somewhere it was quite harsh to call what these intellects did in general an “American way”. I am an amateur blogger and and admittedly, I do not write quite often. But the way Mr Sudarshan Subedi was humiliated with such an irresponsible journalism, I was literally “P***** off” like many other people and I just had to “say something”. That was partly because people like O’Reilly and Colbert, who are blinded by their sense of overrating themselves, keep displaying their ferocious nature time and again with comments and acts to belittle other. And, it was also ironic to me especially because it has not even been 1 months that I had written an essay on ” Greatness of any society can be measured by the greatness its individuals, artists, scientists etc achieve” during my GRE Test, where at one juncture I gave an example on how American society can be a lesson for many other societies aspiring greatness and how other can learn from ” American Way” of sharing common dream, working hard, being liberal to differences and eccentricities and respecting everyone for the way they are. The progress of American society is undoubtedly largely based on such sense of mutual respect and mutual responsibilities. And within less than 1 month that I “idealized” American way, Mr. O’Reilly taught me a lesson with ironic display of what I again call the “behavior of an smug”. I was hurt with the way he belittled us and at the same time I got shocked and surprised how come American people find that “funny” ? May be I had overrated the American greatness or may be not as these two geniuses  are not the representatives of American societies.

Anyways, looking by the post, one might find it Anti-American, a label which is so infective that anyone with just a few wrong lines and few eccentric acts is likely to encounter. But that is not the case here. All this, because, more people from America have visited my blog in last 3 days than rest of the people from all over the world combined, which I think, is not very “mainstream”.

With big roles come bigger responsibilities and anyone who aspires to be a leader, more importantly a global leader, is expected to act, behave and handle things in certain way. A great society is not expected mocking other societies and culture. A wise and intelligent never mocks anyone calling himself “the most intelligent” as Colbert does while stating “America is the holiest land on earth”, if it is really so, it was never really necessary to “state” that, Mr Colbert.

Here’s something which I think most will agree with, and this is not something I said..

The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.
Alexis de Tocqueville


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