Today is the day I give up the “pride” of being a Nepali. I am no longer a “proud Nepali” for there is nothing to take pride in. I am proud of the land, the nature, the history, the culture,and everything that this geo-political region called “Nepal” blessed us with. But they are NOT anything that we EARNED, we simply INHERITED them. I do not know how much sense it makes for a spoiled kid of a rich dad to brag about and be proud of everything his parents and grandparents accomplished.
But besides boasting of Lumbini, Buddha, Everest, or Araniko, we – the people, nor our “state” have done anything to be particularly proud of. We have everyone else to blame for everything that’s wrong: the crooked politicians, reckless drivers, greedy shopkeepers, fake doctors, business minded education, reckless drivers, corrupt police, inefficient bureaucracy, spoiled students, “devil” India, America, China, and who not !
This country is ruined by everyone else but “myself”. In the end, thousands will board the planes each day with heavy heart, wet eyes, but a hopeful soul. And a few return in boxes.
A country is a lot more than Everest, Araniko, or Buddha. A country is not just a beautiful geography, or rich culture, and diversity. A country is all those, AND its PEOPLE. We, the people, our society, and this “state/government” constitute much more of “Nepal” than our history, or inherited nature.
Until the day I am proud of “us” and our “state”, until the day boxes like these stop arriving, I am NOT A PROUD NEPALI !
May all those departed soul rest in peace.
(Photo : Scenes at TIA airport as bodies of Nepalese killed in Afghanistan arrive. June 22, 2016. Source:

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